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Buy fresh meat at great price from Meat Lelo store near you, order now!  

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How Meat Lelo Works?

High-quality produce, straight from the source

At Meat Lelo, we collaborate with our sources in such a way that we ensure breeds are ethically-raised and are fed nutrient-rich food in accordance with strict biosecurity guidelines.

Production Unit with scientific design

Our production houses are scientifically designed and temperature controlled to preserve natural deliciousness and nutrients. We combine meat science and artisanal butchery to maintain the highest standards of quality.

More than 150 strict quality checks

To provide you with the highest quality meat products, our highly qualified team of doctors and chefs rigorously adheres to the food safety standards throughout the process.

Fresh deliveries every single day

Our straight from the source delivery methods ensure fresh supplies for all of the orders so that you can enjoy it fresh and not just frozen.


Outstanding cooking experience

Our meat products are cleaned and waste-free with no moisture loss. Our products cook faster and are absolute value for your money.

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With Bones

Every Box Contains Meat That’s:

Vacuum sealed & maintained between 2 – 5°c

Certified with over 150 rigorous quality checks

Fresh, pre-cut and pre-cleaned

Free from artificial preservatives & anitibiotic residue